Our Clerk

Elleanor Gillard is the Clerk of Frederick Jordan Chambers.

Managing the largest set of barristers’ chambers in New South Wales, she plays a pivotal role in ensuring that chambers is administered efficiently and that its day-to-day operations run smoothly. Her key responsibilities include diary management, negotiating fees, liaising with solicitors and court staff, as well as organising Continuing Professional Development Program (CPD) seminars and events.

With her assistant, Gary Rootsey, they can provide information regarding barristers’ expertise and experience, fees, availability, working practices and languages spoken, and have a deep understanding of the diverse areas of law in which members practice. As a critical connection between our barristers and their clients, Elleanor and Gary are instrumental in assisting with the selection of the most appropriate barrister. They can be contacted to provide details regarding which of the barristers accept briefs from in-house counsel and direct access briefs.

Elleanor and Gary are held in high regard by both our barristers and their clients. Importantly, they are entrusted with confidential and sensitive information and they exhibit qualities of tactfulness and trustworthiness in their dealings with clients.

With over 40 years combined experience on our floor, our clerks depth of knowledge of each barristers practice, make them a valuable resource when seeking to brief a suitable barrister.

Elleanor Gillard

Gary Rootsey