CPD Sessions March 2021

Monday 22 March 5:30pm:  Michelle Yu –  “Immigration law issues, for criminal lawyers” : Substantive Law What are the possible immigration law implications for visa holders and other non-citizens who have criminal law issues? This presentation will go through some of the possible implications and provide tips on how to handle these issues both before […]


  SEAN BRENNAN Speaking on Wednesday 27 February Topic: How to win your local court criminal case Strands: Ethics and Professional Responsibility Practice Management and Business Skills Substantive Law, Practice and Procedure, and Evidence Barristers’ Skills   Outline: How to put your client at ease with one comment How to cross examine police What you […]

What is Just and Equitable?

What is Just and Equitable? By David Smallbone The phrase “just and equitable” occurs surprisingly often in legislation. It has a long history. One of the dangers of specialisation is that it is easy to overlook the history, significance and a full understanding of words which are familiar and even hackneyed in a particular context, but which […]

Mediation & advocacy

Mediation and Advocacy By David Ash Litigation is run by the state. Mediation is run by parties. This century, the state has brought mediation into litigation, a move producing tensions of which much has been written. The focus of this article is instead on harmony, on how litigation advocates can draw upon rather than discard […]

CPD Training

CPD seminars for 2018 27 February Paul Batley An introduction to Class Action Law and Practice   1 March Nick Poynder Judicial review of Administrative Decisions   5 March David Ash Advocacy for mediation   8 March Jim Johnson and Andrew Bailey Make it easier to recover costs and compliance in the new world of […]