Troy Rollo

Admitted as a Barrister in NSW in 2017

With nearly 20 years’ industry experience in software development prior to being admitted as a lawyer, Troy possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in the technology sector, and the law relating to technology.

Troy is also experienced in practice areas including commercial and corporate law, taxation, personal property securities, contracts, employment, discrimination, intellectual property, company law, partnership disputes, electronic commerce and trade practices. He has represented individuals, companies and associations as both plaintiff and defendant in the NSW Court of Appeal, Federal Court of Australia, Supreme Court of New South Wales, District Court of New South Wales, and New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

As a solicitor, Troy gained considerable experience as a commercial litigator at Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers, most recently as a Special Counsel. Previous experience also includes Chief Technical Officer and Director of the Board of an international software company, which had its head office in the United States. He also has extensive prior experience in commercial software development, as well as experience in developing open source software.

The combination of both industry and legal experience gives Troy a deep understanding of the needs of business, particularly technology businesses. Such experience has also served to heighten his ability to understand and interpret electronic evidence, including email evidence, metadata, digital forensics and video evidence.

Troy holds a Masters of Law from the University of Sydney, a Bachelor of Laws (with First Class Honours) from the University of Western Sydney and a Bachelor of Computing from Monash University.


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