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Frederick Jordan Chambers Honours the life of founding member Lionel Robberds AM KC

April 16, 2024 | Uncategorized

We regret to share the news that Lionel Robberds AM KC, a founding member of Frederick Jordan Chambers, has passed away.

Mr Robberds AM KC was not only a brilliant and tenacious barrister, he was an Olympian, who represented Australia in the Coxed IV in Rome in 1960.

He was an avid squash player and competed in The Worlds Mens Championships. Lionel was also a coach for a national champion player in squash.

Many barristers have expressed how Lionel assisted them with their careers particularly when life presented them with personal or professional difficulties.

Lionel was unmatched in his work ethic and capacity to undertake the grinding work of lengthy trials and commissions.

He is rightly credited with playing a big role in cleaning up corrupt conduct and organised crime, not only in NSW but at a Commonwealth level as well.

Lionel has certainly earned the right to rest in peace.

Lional Robberds AM KC ‘s legacy will leave an everlasting impact on Frederick Jordan Chambers and all those that have, and will, join this institution.