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FJC welcomes two new Readers

June 4, 2021 | FJC News

Frederick Jordan Chambers would like to welcome our two new Readers, Scott Young and Adam Smyth.

Scott Young:
Before coming to the Bar, Scott spent four years at the Sydney and Melbourne offices of the Commonwealth DPP, including one year as Associate to the Director. Scott appeared to prosecute matters in the District and Local Courts of New South Wales, as well as the County and Magistrates’ Courts of Victoria, principally in the CDPP’s Commercial, Financial and Corruption branch. He also assisted with more complex matters in the Supreme Court, Federal Court and Court of Criminal Appeal.
His full profile can be viewed HERE

Adam Smyth:
Adam has broad experience in overseas practice with a number of international law firms, advising on corporate governance, Listing Rules, anti-money laundering, CRS financial account tax reporting, competition law and financial services regulatory compliance issues, with a special focus on the (re)insurance industry. He has an abiding interest in intellectual property law, particularly from an antitrust perspective.
His full profile can be viewed HERE